1g THCA Flower - 10 units per case

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Introducing our Indoor Top Shelf THCA Flower with 1 gram per bag!  Our flower is PURE THCA, not infused!

We have three strains available currently:

Utopia - Runtz (Hybrid) 29.67%
  • Zkittlez x Gelato Runtz -  A sought-after hybrid strain, delights with its fruity aroma reminiscent of sugary candy. Its creamy, smooth smoke accompanies enduring euphoria and uplifting effects, ensuring a lasting and enjoyable experience
Couch Lock - OG Kush (Indica) 29.18%
  • Chemdog x Hindu Kush - Hybrid leaning indica that harmoniously blends the distinct characteristics of Chemdog and Hindu Kush strains. Delivers a well-rounded experience characterized by a deep relaxation that melts away stress, paired with a euphoric uplift that enhances mood. This strain's unique flavor and balanced high make it a popular choice for relaxation and finding a sense of calm amidst the bustle of daily life.
Supercharged- Lemon Cake (Sativa) 27.99%
  • Lemon Kush x Vanilla Haze - Captivating and aromatic cannabis strain that results from the hybridization of Lemon Kush and Vanilla Haze. This unique blend brings together the zesty, citrusy notes of Lemon Kush with the smooth, sweet undertones of Vanilla Haze. Known for its balanced and uplifting high, often inducing a euphoric state.